Tri-County Electric has partnered with TVA to launch Home Uplift, a program designed to provide weatherization services that will improve the energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort of homes for income-qualified manufactured housing residents in our electric service area.

Home Uplift participants will receive energy improvements at no cost to them. Possible upgrades could include a high-efficiency heating and air conditioning unit, duct repair/replacement, insulation, a heat pump water heater, high-efficiency lighting and more.

The average participant typically sees a reduction of up to 25% on their annual power bill.

Eligibility criteria are fair and equitable. To qualify, participants must complete a Home Uplift Manufactured Home Program Customer Application. In addition, the residence must be deemed safe for occupancy.

Eligible manufactured homes must be on a permanent foundation, built after 1976, owner occupied and meet income eligibility. The home must not have received any upgrades from a similar TVA funded project/program within the past 20 years. An energy evaluation must be performed.

Because funding is very limited, Tri-County Electric and TVA have secured funding for one qualified manufactured home in each Director District (10 homes total) as part of this inaugural campaign and launch of the Home Uplift Program. We hope to be able to expand the program in the future.

To provide all eligible homeowners the opportunity to apply, we will accept applications until 2 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19. Tri-County Electric will hold a drawing on Thursday, Feb. 25, to select 10 applications to be reviewed for further program qualification and notified on Friday, Feb. 26.

Additional applications may be drawn to serve as alternates in such case one or more of the primary applications are deemed ineligible for the program. TVA’s third-party program administrator will review the selected applications to confirm eligibility for the program.

Once approved, a certified TVA Energy Advisor will conduct an evaluation of the applicant’s home to confirm final eligibility. A contractor from TVA’s Quality Contractor Network will perform the approved home upgrades at each participating home, which will be inspected by a TVA Energy Advisor.

“One of the seven cooperative principles Tri-County Electric follows is concern for the community,” said Paul Thompson, Executive V.P. & General Manager. “The Home Uplift Program partnership between Tri-County Electric and TVA will be a blessing to 10 families in our service area.”

Interested customers should contact Tracy White, Marketing Assistant at or 800-369-2111, ext. 127. Please provide your name, service address and contact information.

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