Trousdale County is applying for a grant to get new play equipment in Trey Park and also to rework the entrance to the play area’s pavilion.

County Mayor Stephen Chambers updated members of the Parks & Recreation Committee on two grant proposals during an Oct. 29 meeting.

Both grants utilize the park master plan that was developed earlier this year for long-term improvements to Hartsville City Park.

“These are some of the things put in — improvements to Trey Park were one of the main things people wanted done,” Chambers told commissioners.

Trousdale County has applied for two grants to make repairs to and update equipment in the park. The first — a Built Environment Grant — would be used to resurface the tennis court and add striping for pickleball at an estimated cost of $60,000. If received, that would require no matching county funds.

At a previous meeting, committee members opted to seek $85,000 in funding to also resurface the basketball courts. However, Chambers told commissioners those courts were in good shape and did not need attention at this time.

The second grant request would be used to add equipment in Trey Park that was more inclusive for those with disabilities and also to make the entrance to the play area compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

“That’s the major part of this grant; as you do this work they want you make bring your park up to current ADA standards,” the mayor said.

Proposed work would including redoing the sidewalk from the parking lot to the pavilion inside the play area and fixing handicapped parking spots that do not meet current ADA standards. Currently those with wheelchairs can not access that pavilion.

The play area improvements would add three “cozy domes” and a flattened merry-go-round that would be handicap accessible. The grass in the proposed area, just to the left of the entrance into Trey Park, would be replaced with artificial turf.

Estimates for the play equipment and park improvements came to just over $104,000 and did not include the sidewalk, which Chambers said he thought would add another $20,000 to $30,000.

That grant is a 50/50 reimbursable one, which means the county would pay the entire cost up front and be reimbursed for half the amount, if the grant is approved by the state. Trousdale County has gone through the pre-application process and has been accepted into the next round, which has a deadline of Aug. 3, 2021 to apply.

The mayor also addressed the Taylor’s Landing recreation area, saying the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has expressed a willingness to lease the land to the county. Trousdale County would be responsible for upkeep but would be able to add features such as walking trails and camping sites.

Chambers said if any such work was done, it would follow a 1995 study that proposed such features while keeping the land in the same condition, which would be a requirement of the Corps.

Public Works Director Cliff Sallee updated commissioners on potentially replacing light poles around the Little League fields. Sallee is working with Tri-County to determine what poles need replacing and which, if any, would need to be rewired.

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