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Trousdale County’s Solid Waste Committee signed off on hiring an outside company to examine whether it would be more cost-efficient to outsource trash pickup in the Urban Services District.

The agreement was discussed during Monday’s committee meeting and would cost $4,250. The County Commission will have to sign off on the proposal as well.

“This had been discussed as part of the Solid Waste audit, looking at some changes to Urban Services trash rates as well as comparing what a private company could do,” County Mayor Stephen Chambers said. “This would look at our customers, billing practices and come up with a suggestion of what our rates should be going forward…”

Commissioner Mary Ann Baker asked if the county had anyone examine the rates previously. The trash pickup rates were last changed in 2017 but no study was conducted, Chambers said.

The mayor also noted ongoing deficits in the Solid Waste department, saying the shortfall in fiscal year 2021 was $66,523.92.

“This would look to see how we make up that difference. Could it be done better to contracting a company vs. doing it ourselves? If we do it ourselves, what do the rates need to be?” Chambers said.

Public Works Director Cliff Sallee said he had concerns over the possibility of contracting out garbage pickup, asking what might happen if a private company doesn’t show up.

“If something happens and they don’t get it picked up, it’s going to be our problem whether we like it or not,” he said.

Commissioner Dwight Jewell concurred, saying, “We see how well farming it out is working in Davidson County right now. Private collectors aren’t showing up and they’re trying to find trucks; meanwhile the trash is piling up.”

David Nollner recalled a past circumstance when Trousdale looked at outsourcing its ambulance service, saying, “We got hung trying to find ambulances when the company asked for so much money at budget time. We don’t want to get caught flat-footed again.”

Sallee said Public Works was looking to build a storage building at the Convenience Center to hold equipment currently stored in the basement at the old City Hall.

Sallee said the sheriff’s office had raised concerns over the current storage arrangement.

“Maybe this year we can build a small building to hold our paints and such,” Sallee said. “In order for us to host a Household Hazardous Waste Day, we have to have a storage facility for oil-based points and a place to recycle electronics.”

Planning Commission: Final plat approval for the second stage of the Crestview Acres subdivision was granted during Monday night’s meeting of the Planning Commission.

Phase 2 of the development, which sits off East Main Street across from the Highway Department, came before the group for a second time after being withdrawn at the property owner’s request during the December meeting. Originally the owner had asked for a variance from sidewalk requirements, but surveyor Jim Carman said Monday the owner had agreed to include them and that the plat had been updated accordingly.

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