I hope that this article finds everyone well amongst this coronavirus crisis. This article is to update the public about the status of the University of Tennessee Extension office.

Due to the nature of the coronavirus and how quickly it can spread from person to person, the University has asked that all extension agents and staff work at home until further notice.

Some of you may ask why? The University of Tennessee Extension takes pride in serving our communities, but we also value the health of our staff and clients. Many of our clients fall into the high-risk categories and some of our staff may be caregivers of persons in the high-risk categories. So we are doing our part to limit the spread of the coronavirus and protect the health of our friends and family. We ask that you do the same.

What does that mean for our clients that need assistance? All UT Extension staff will be working from home and answering phone calls and emails. We will also be providing educational information and materials through our Facebook page (UTExtenson-Trousdale Co.); our website (trousdale.tennessee.edu), and also timely articles in the Hartsville Vidette. We ask that anyone that calls the office during this to please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can. We request that you contact us by email. Our emails will be posted at the end of the article.

What about 4-H events and 4-H Camp? At this time all 4-H events are canceled until April 30. We are still accepting 4-H Camp applications and we hope that our summer 4-H events (June-July) will be unaffected by this. However, we do not know how long this situation will last and if it extends into the summer we will provide full refunds for those that have already signed up to 4-H Camp.

At this time we ask that our friends, clients, and 4-Hers continue to work with us and reach out to us with their educational programming needs, questions, or whatever it is that we can help you with. Contact us at the emails below or call the UT Extension Office at 615-374-2421 and leave a message.

Jason Evitts, Adult Agriculture / 4-H Agent, County Director jevitts@utk.edu

Shelby Boyer, Family Consumer Sciences / 4-H Agent, schris20@utk.edu

Terry Toney, Administrative Assistant, ttoney1@utk.edu

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