Work began Monday on erecting the framework for new bleachers in Trousdale County’s football stadium.

The renovation of Trousdale County’s football stadium appears to be back on track for completion in time for next month’s jamboree.

Director of Schools Clint Satterfield provided an update on the project during the July 15 meeting of the School Board.

“We battled the rain a lot last week, but they were able to pour concrete on the home side yesterday morning (July 14),” Satterfield told the board. “They started at 4 in the morning and we turned the lights on so they could get an early start.”

The concrete pad on the visitors’ side has already been poured, but a wetter than normal summer has led to fears that the home side might be delayed. Satterfield said that should no longer be the case, provided the weather cooperates.

The materials for new bleachers was scheduled to be delivered on Monday, July 19, which will give crews four weeks to get everything in place before the Tobacco Bowl Jamboree, which is scheduled for Aug. 13. The home opener will be in Week 2 on Aug. 27.

“We’ll have four weeks to get the home side done, which is 2,500 seats. If the weather cooperates, I think we’ve got a great opportunity to catch up for some of the time lost,” Satterfield said.

All the concrete came from Garrett Bros.’ Hartsville plant, Satterfield added. In addition, a number of local citizens donated effort toward some needed materials. Specifically mentioned were Bill Scruggs, Craig Moreland, Lewis Beasley and Joe Cornwell.

“We’re really excited about getting it done. It’ll be safe, it’ll be ADA- and handicapped compliant,” Satterfield said.

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