Wilson County Schools and Lebanon Special School District have announced plans to provide meals to children beginning next week. WCS will offer drive-through pickup sites three days a week, while LSSD will provide pickup meals five days a week.

WCS will be providing two-day meal packages to children 18 or younger between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and noon. Children must be present to pick up meals — parents cannot take meals without children present.

Drive-through sites will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at:

• Lebanon High School — Commons entrance side

• Gladeville Middle School — Northeast corner at back of building

• Springdale Elementary — Back side of building at Cafeteria

• Watertown Middle School — Front entrance steps

LSSD will deliver breakfasts and lunches daily to the following locations next week:

• Springhill Townhomes, 10:00-10:15 a.m.

• Peyton Road Apartments 10:25-10:40 a.m.

• Weatherly Estates 10:55-11:15 a.m.

• Rollingwood Apartments 11:35-11:50 a.m.

• Greentree Apartments noon-12:30 p.m.

• Tater Peeler 10:00-10:15 a.m.

• Head Homes 10:30-10:45 a.m.

• Inman Court 10:55-11:15 a.m.

• Upton Heights 11:25-11:45 a.m.

• Don Fox Park 10:45 a.m. to noon

Pickup will be available at Castle Heights Elementary (look for signs) from 10:30-11:30 a.m. and Byars Dowdy Elementary (front entrance) from 10:30-11:15 a.m.

LSSD said this is the initial schedule and it could be adjusted. The meals are available to all children, regardless of which district they are in, and they must be present to get the meals.

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