Following a shooting incident in Mt. Juliet on Wednesday, one 17-year-old Mt. Juliet male faces aggravated assault charges, while another 17-year-old male from Nashville recovers in the hospital.

MJPD Public Information Officer Capt. Tyler Chandler said at a press conference shortly after the incident that the victim was being treated with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

According to Chandler, the incident began around 7 p.m. in the 2000 block of N. Mt. Juliet Road, the parking lot of a strip mall. Chandler said that an MJPD detective was already in the area and heard a gunshot.

The detective, who’s name has not been released, reportedly found the victim in the parking lot then looked across the street and saw an individual fleeing on foot.

Chandler said that as responding officers began to arrive, they set up a perimeter in the area near West Division Street in the vicinity of the Hickory Station Townhomes and Cloyd’s Presbyterian Church.

According to Chandler, “As we put out alerts, we began to see reports from our community of the subject fitting our description and where he was running. As we developed the search, we had K9 teams on the ground and assistance from Metro Nashville with their helicopter.”

The department discovered the individual entered one of the Hickory Station Townhomes and when a vehicle attempted to leave the residence, police took the individual into custody.

“When we stopped the vehicle, there was total compliance. No violence escalated beyond that point,” Chandler said.

According to Chandler, the department’s preliminary investigation revealed that the Nashville victim drove to Mt. Juliet to meet the individual now in custody. Chandler said the meet ultimately resulted in the gun’s discharge and that the victim was struck.

A handgun was recovered in pursuit of the charged individual.

The incident remains under investigation, but Chandler expects more criminal charges to be forthcoming for the suspect, victim, and potentially other parties involved.

MJPD Chief James Hambrick said, “We are grateful for our strong partnership and connections with our community. When we communicate and provide them with information to keep our city safe, it continues to result in suspect apprehensions and a safer community. If you’re not connected to our text alert system, I encourage all to get connected.”

Hambrick also thanked Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Lebanon Police Department, and Metro Nashville Police Department, who sent resources to assist, as well as his own staff at MJPD.

“They are absolutely amazing. They worked to save a life, they worked to get the suspect in custody, and they did it all so well while working as one firm, cohesive team,” Hambrick said. “I am so proud of their continued efforts. As a result of their commitment and proactive service, criminals will not be successful in Mt. Juliet.”

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