Three generations of Gulletts take their seats in the grandstands at the Nashville Superspeedway on Sunday for the NASCAR Cup Series in Lebanon. From left are grandson Eli, grandfather Roy, father Tiger and grandson Max.

What better way is there to spend Father’s Day than at the track with your sons? Throw in an extra generation, of course.

That’s what the Gulletts did on Sunday at the Nashville Superspeedway for the Ally 400. It was the first time a major NASCAR race had been held at the track in more than a decade, and the Gulletts were not going to miss out.

Tiger Gullett said having his sons, Eli and Max, with him was “everything a guy could ask for on Father’s Day, but to have my dad here too is pretty special.” Tiger’s Father, Roy, was right in the middle of the pack on Sunday.

Max is about to graduate from Wilson Central High School and Eli studied welding at Tennessee College of Applied Technology. Of the race, Eli said he “will definitely be going to the next race that’s comes to town,” and added that he had a “Great Father’s Day.”

While the Gulletts were celebrating Father’s Day from the grandstands, the Colsons were celebrating it in Lot 4, perched on the lofty hillside overlooking the straightaway between turns 2 and 3, grilling out sausage links made by a butcher near their hometown. Colson said he anticipated heavy traffic and decided to forgo the difficulty of going back out to the store after setting up camp, so he came prepared.

Michael Colson and Michael Colson Jr. have bonded over NASCAR since the son was a little kid. Colson and his wife Gail packed up to head back to Camden, N.C., but not before commenting what an exceptional time the weekend had provided.

“Completely worth the trip,” said Colson of the trek from eastern North Carolina. “Thrilled I could spend Father’s Day with my boy.”

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