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Jimmy Bilbrey and Chris Neeley are the hosts of the Sutton Ole Time Music Hour.

Jimmy Bilbrey and Chris Neeley of Sutton Ole Time Music Hour announces “Suttons Bluegrass For Kids”

Sutton Old Time Music Hour, Sutton General Store, Granville has announced a new program titled “Sutton Bluegrass For Kids.”

The new program offers talented young soloists and vocalists ages 7 to 17 the opportunity to perform at Sutton Ole Time Music Hour. They will perform before the syndicated radio show at 6 p.m. Saturdays on stage with professional artists. All youths who participate will also be asked to come back and perform at the Uncle Jimmy Thompson Bluegrass Festival on May 23.

Jimmy Bilbrey and Chris Neeley jointly announced this program and said the program will begin immediately and will captivate audiences by incorporating talented young soloists, vocalists and musicians.

For more information on this Sutton Bluegrass for Kids, email Jimmy Bilbrey

Sutton Ole Time Music Hour began on April 5, 2008 with its founder Sam Stout developing a weekly bluegrass dinner show. The weekly program is aired now aired on radio and other networks in every state in the United States, every country in the world and to our military around the world.

The popular dinner show at the T.B. Sutton General Store in Granville will celebrate its 12th anniversary on April 18. The show features different professional bluegrass bands each week from all over the South with a great family style Southern dinner. The meal is served at 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Reservations are required by calling 931-653-4151.

Submitted to the Democrat

Submitted to the Democrat

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