Wilson County Fair’s title sponsor is truly stepping up to support our community and our nation during this time of uncertainty and change because of the pandemic of COVID-19. Mid-South Ford shared an article that ran in The Detroit News on March 24.

“It took less than a week for a group of Ford Motor Co. employees to leverage the Dearborn automaker’s manufacturing expertise and legacy of innovation to address the new coronavirus pandemic. Among their tools: seat cooling fans and batteries for cordless drills.

“The Blue Oval and a few hundred employees are answering the call to help boost production of life-saving ventilators and much-needed personal protection equipment such as respirators and masks needed by first responders and health care workers girding for surging cases of COVID-19.”

The full article can be read at https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2020/03/24/ford-partners-3-m-ge-healthcare-respirators-ventilators-face-shields/2905986001/.

This endeavor by Ford highlights the community focus that is a high priority for the company and its employees. These employees and Mid-South Ford are some of our hometown heroes who the Wilson County Fair will honor as part of our 2020 fair theme — Honoring Hometown Heroes. Mid-South Ford’s title sponsorship supports all the family fun entertainment that the fair offers to fairgoers. This year the Wilson County Fair presented by Mid-South Ford will run from Thursday, Aug. 13 through Saturday, Aug. 22.

Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital is another key fair sponsor who has hometown heroes leading the way during this pandemic. Doctors, nurses and all the medical staff are taking care of those in our community during this COVID-19 outbreak. Their leadership during this difficult time makes them hometown heroes who are saving lives while putting their own lives on the line.

Traci Pope, director of community relations, shared that Vanderbilt is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential impact on our community. During this challenging time, they are primarily focused on the safety of their patients, staff and community. They do not want to forget the sacrifices their staff has made and will continue to make. These hometown heroes are on the “front lines” of the pandemic, and we are grateful for all they are doing to support our community now.

During fair time, Vanderbilt is instrumental in providing first aid care for those fairgoers in need of their services.

These fair sponsors are setting examples of how hometown heroes can impact our community in such positive ways. It just goes to prove that all heroes don’t have to wear capes.

For more information on the Wilson County Fair, go to www.wilson countyfair.net.

Submitted to the Democrat

Submitted to the Democrat

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