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Community members gather at the Wilson County Clerk’s office on Wednesday for the latest Paint WilCo mural unveiling, which Deanna Purcell and Scott Harris created and titled “Messages of Hope.”

As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and social division, Lebanon looks to send “Messages of Hope” with the latest mural in the Paint WilCo series.

Located at the Wilson County Clerk’s office, the mural is meant to uplift the community at a time when many are facing challenges in their lives and careers.

“This one is special, and that’s kind of the beauty of what we’re doing here in Wilson County,” Wilson County Director of Tourism Jason Johnson said. “Every mural has something really special and can touch you in certain ways … this mural is not only special in the message that it’s conveying, but it’s special in that our Wilson County Murals Committee had such a strong hand in this.”

Wilson County Murals Committee members Deanna Purcell and Scott Harris designed and painted the piece, while Keller Williams sponsored it. “Messages of Hope” is the latest step in the committee’s goal to create 10 murals across the county by the end of 2020.

“Scott brought this idea to the Murals Committee just a way of inspiring our community,” Purcell said. “I am hopeful that is what it does, and I am thankful for that and glad that we were able to bring it to fruition. Even as we worked on this mural, the spirit of this community was just shining through.”

Pastor Mike Rutland of Pickett-Rucker United Methodist Church also delivered a brief message during the mural’s unveiling on Wednesday, sharing his own takeaways from the artwork.

“Hope is extremely necessary in a time such as this,” he said. “And truthfully, we don’t tap into our hope until our hope is put in danger. Faith is the substance of hope. I hope that my child, what’s greatest to my heart, succeeds, but I have to have faith when I can’t see it.”

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