Lebanon Police Department’s K9, Eik, was able to assist Tennessee Highway Patrol with its search for a backpack believed to have been projected from a vehicle being pursued. Eik searched the area near Beckwith Road, where the vehicle was abandoned and recovered the backpack.

Thanks in large part to a Lebanon Police Department K9 unit, two handguns, including one that was reportedly stolen, were recovered earlier this week.

On Tuesday, LPD was called in to assist Tennessee Highway Patrol with a vehicle pursuit. Around 10 a.m. that morning, the pursued vehicle ran through a yard, at which time the occupants exited and fled on foot, according to the department’s public information officer, Lt. P.J. Hardy.

The occupants of the vehicle were apprehended by troopers after a short flight on foot and were taken into custody.

According to Hardy, through the course of the subsequent investigation, law enforcement reached the suspicion that “one of the occupants may have thrown an object out of the vehicle’s window.”

That’s when the LPD’s trusted K9, Eik, came in handy.

Eik conducted a search of the area, described by Hardy as being on Beckwith Road. The search yielded the discovery of a backpack containing the two handguns. One had been reported as stolen from Nashville.

The other guns had a 30-round magazine.

Additional contents of the backpack included items believed to be illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, as well as a “sizable amount of cash.”

Information provided in the post about the individuals taken into custody was limited. The Democrat was unable to obtain additional information from the Tennessee Highway Patrol as of press time.

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