So we’ve all heard about Man Flu.

It’s when the men in your life get sick with a regular, old cold and proceed to die right in front of you ... while you callously watch.

For the last week, the two men that I live with — my husband and son — have been sick and I’ve had to put up with them. My tone here may seem a little harsh but for the backstory ... they both got themselves flu shots months ago. They actually went together. Almost like a father-son outing. In fact, it was an outing. They had lunch, got flu shots, left me out of the loop.

I didn’t even know about it until weeks later. And by then, it was too late for me to get a shot myself.

And now they are sick and I am not.

At first I was very kind to them. Trying to let the backstory go.

THEM: “I think I have the coronavirus. I’m dying! I’m not kidding I know this person who knows this person that six months ago went to China.”

ME: “Are you insane? You don’t catch coronavirus that way and it’s been ages since I cooked bat for dinner, so if you tell me one more time it’s coronavirus I’m going to scream.”

But being the kind soul that I am, I stopped at the drugstore to pick up some medicine.

THEM: “You got regular strength? Do you want me to die? I need Super Super Super Strength and I need all different kinds — liquid, capsule, vapor. This is serious!! Why are you not taking this seriously!!? If I had the strength myself, I’d drive there to get it but all I can do is sit here on the sofa and watch ‘Yellowstone.’ ”

ME: “I’m not going back out, it’s raining.”

Then the incessant pleading begins.

THEM: “Mom, feel my forehead. Am I hot? I’m burning up. Everyone at school is sick. I definitely can’t go to school tomorrow. What’s vertigo. I definitely have that. And pleurisy. I’ve about to get that. I can feel it.”

ME: “Have you seen my earbuds?”

You try to continue to care for them because ... in sickness and in health, right?

THEM: “I’m not hungry. Really. I’ve lost my appetite. But can you go to Wendy’s and get me a No. 2 with large fries and a large drink, too. And make sure they fill the drink all the way to the top because last time I got a Coke there they didn’t fill it all the way up. And no mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise. I’ll throw up if I even see it.”

ME: “No it’s raining. In fact, it’s flooding. So no, I’m not going all the way back to town to get you a Coke filled to the top. And just for the record, everything I make I put mayonnaise in and you always eat it. So you don’t hate mayonnaise!”

Arguably, maybe I haven’t been Nurse Nightingale.

But let’s be clear, they don’t have the flu because as I mentioned in the backstory, they both got a flu shot! Without me!

Didn’t even think I may want one.

Didn’t cross their minds, that maybe we should all go together.

That maybe I’d want lunch and a flu shot with them.

So here we are, on Day 5 now of this common cold, and I’m finally seeing the light of day.

ME: “So explain this to me again. You thought, hmmm, the flu kills people, so it’s important that my son and I go get flu shots together, but it never crossed your mind that I might need one, too?”

THEM: “Oh, I get it now. This is why you flipped out about the mayonnaise.”

Telling Tales is written by Wilson County moms Angel Kane and Becky Andrews. This column is Angel’s.

Telling Tales is written by Wilson County moms Angel Kane and Becky Andrews. This column is Angel's.

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