In this time of turmoil, anticipation of what is to come, and uncertainity of the complexion of our lives, we wonder. We wonder about the kindness and consideration of people who show us how to live under normal circumstances and in times of unusual stress.

There are those who are always showing the best they have to offer. They are the ones in the supermarket who will usher you to go ahead if you have only one item, while their basket is overloaded. They are the ones who give aid to the senior who is struggling to put their walker into the car.

The kind neighbors and friends who will willingly come to the rescue when there is a illness or death in the family. They will also be there for you when a natural disaster comes along and devastates your home and family.

We all know someone along the way who has been there for us. I thank all who were there who helped me during some difficult times in my life. I remember them all and the lesson learned. It might be a cliche, but pass it on. Do not let it in end with you. It is in repeating our expression of kindness that it grows and expands and touches others to do the same.

Recently I have witnessed kindness and consideration from many different sources. My church expanded on its outreach to the members by offering a pick-up lunch and then followed by a Zoom meeting to play bingo. How kind to create an outlet for us during this time of alienation. Also the same day our staff at Saddlebrook gave us a pick-up lunch.

Those of us on the receiving end should not just be grateful but also extend to others in some way to help alleviate the alienation of others. A simple phone call, a cheery note to someone or a simple act of helping in one way or another.

May this time we are experiencing create an understanding of what most of us need and want is to be treated with kindness and appreciation. It is my hope that we have learned what is really important to us and what is superficial and meaningless.

This too shall pass and hopefully we have learned in the process.

Lebanon resident Linda Alessi writes about family, friends and memories.

Lebanon resident Linda Alessi writes about family, friends and memories.

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