The Village Women's Group at the Lebanon Golf and Country Club hosted Kason Lester, a Lebanon resident and former "American Idol" contestant, at their meeting on Thursday morning.

Lester and his family are from Lebanon and are the owners and operators of Lester Farms. He graduated from Friendship Christian School and has a degree from Belmont University in music business.

"It's basically just a business degree but we got to spend time in the studio and learn about music production," Lester said at the meeting on Thursday.

Lester's paternal grandmother, Lynn Lester, was previously the president of the Village Women's Group, and his maternal grandmother, Fran Martin, is also a member.

Lester performed three songs for the women at the meeting, "Love You Yet," "Little Bit Better," and "Unseen." "Love You Yet" and "Little Bit Better" are both streaming on all streaming services.

"I just wrote 'Unseen' recently with some friends of mine," Lester said. "I'm working on getting it recorded right now but haven't been able to do that yet."

After playing for the women he

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CONTESTANT + pic 3 took some time to answer questions about his life before and after the show.

"I'm working on finding a manager right now," Lester said. "I've had a few offers but I'm looking for that right fit. I'm just trusting God's path for me. That right fit will come."

Lester is still working on recording new music and playing shows as frequently as possible.

"This has really always been my end goal," Lester said. "The dream is to just get to play music for the rest of my life and make a career out of it."

Many members of the organization had questions about the 'American Idol' audition process.

"I had to go through two different auditions, in Chattanooga and Atlanta, before I even got to the round with the celebrity judges," Lester said. "My third audition, in Louisville, was where I got to meet Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan."

Lester said he felt blessed that he had the opportunity to make it that far, because of how many people audition.

"There are millions of good singers all over the world. 400,000 people auditioned for 'American Idol' in Chattanooga alone and somehow I made it to the top 40," Lester said. "It's just crazy odds. God opened this door for me and it was an amazing process."

The Village Women's Club is an almost 60-year-old organization with 25 members. It began as part of the Women's Club of Nashville but some members eventually decided to downsize and branch off to form their own organization in Lebanon.

"Most of us have been in the club for a very long time," said Reba Holt, the president of the Village Women's Club. "We host guest speakers and performers like Kason so we can stay connected to the community."

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