The Mt. Juliet Planning Commission voted reviewed the site plan for Beckwith Station near Wilfong Parkway on Thursday.

The multi-tenant commercial building — near I-40 on the south side of Wilfong and west side of Beckwith Road, south of Tristar Mt. Juliet ER — will features a convenience store, eight gas pumps, two drive-thru restaurants, and professional offices on the second floor, measuring at 2.4 acres.

The site, formerly the location of a single-family house, includes two curb cuts on Wilfong and a future access point on Owen Alexander Drive. The street is planned to be constructed once property to the south and/or west develops.

Jon Baughman, staff planner of the Planning & Zoning Department, said that Para Design, a site design company, is asking for a couple of waivers, which the staff supports for its benefits to the development’s overall appearance.

“These waivers are for materials including the gas pump canopy and the screen wall for HVAC,” said Baughman.

He added the company incorporated a street yard requirement to the waivers, which could be disregarded, knowing it is going to be worked through.

Baughman said department recommended approval of this site plan.

Traffic flow will be directed one way on either side of the building and a 10-feet wide asphalt multi-use trail along Beckwith will be installed to connect with the existing sidewalk on the south side of Wilfong. A new sidewalk will also be constructed along with Owen Alexander Drive toward the west once additional development occurs.

The commission also held a public hearing on reviewing the final master development plan for Lynnhaven, a subdivision off Tate Lane.

The property, located on the west side of Tate, contains 36 single-family homes and associated open space on 18.5 acres.

The commission previously approved a preliminary master development plan for Lynnhaven in 2014, and added landscape buffers, which are required by code alongside gates at the entrance and around the subdivision’s perimeter.

However, resident Joan Giltner believed Lynnhaven’s site plans have not changed much since it was proposed seven years ago, but Tate Lane has.

Five homes have been built on five acres since 2014, and the addition of 36 houses will triple the number of residents on Tate Lane.

The street’s traffic has been impacted with the addition of Green Hill High School combined with Lebanon Road’s growth and development including Nichols Vale Lane and the planned development of Hamilton-Denson Park, according to a written statement from Giltner.

Giltner said all of these factors will lead to a significant increase in traffic on Tate Lane.

She proposed that the city of Mt. Juliet consider annexing the portion of Tate Lane impacted by Hamilton-Denson Park’s greenways and the third phase of Lynnhaven.

The annexation would include the road itself and no property.

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