Healing Broken Vessels hosted a fashion show and silent auction fundraiser on Saturday that raised over $3,000 and donations are still coming in.

This year was the ninth annual fashion show and silent auction to benefit Healing Broken Vessels. It was hosted at College Hills Church of Christ and there were 14 models in the fashion show ranging in age from 3 to 84. Each model showed three different outfits. There were also around 90 items donated from local businesses to be auctioned off and 60 door prizes.

Pat McGowan has been a volunteer with Healing Broken Vessels for five years and helped organize the event.

"I really enjoy working here and helping with events like this," McGowan said. "I think we were about as successful as last year. It's always a great event."

Diantha McLeod founded Healing Broken Vessels in 2008 with the purpose of helping women learn computer skills and life skills that will help them find gainful employment.

"I work as a career coach and I would see women come into the center and technology had changed so much. If you wanted to apply for a job it was through the computer and a lot of women had no skills," McLeod said. "I knew my way around a computer and I knew about different software and hardware so I wanted to teach women what I had learned so that was one of the pieces."

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The classes are six weeks long and begin with an assessment that helps McLeod and other instructors gauge how much previous computer knowledge each woman possesses. Then for the remainder of the class, the instructors work with the women on computer skills, especially in Microsoft Office.

McLeod also brings in speakers from around Wilson County to speak on topics such as financial management, health and wellness, and dressing for work.

"We try to include about four topics during the six-week class," McLeod said. "Healing Broken Vessels is about changing lives. Not just about computer literacy."

Any woman over the age of 18 can enroll in classes with Healing Broken Vessels.

"Some of the women who take our classes end up coming back and working for us or volunteering with us," McLeod said. "We're really proud to be in Wilson County, uplifting and empowering these women."

Those interested in taking classes or volunteering with Healing Broken Classes can find more information on their website, https://www.healingbrokenvessels.org/.

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