Capitol Theatre celebrates 70 Years

Singer Jaimiee Paul and her band perform Saturday night during the Capitol Theatre's 70th anniversary celebration.

Elizabeth Rhea • Lebanon Democrat

On Saturday, the Capitol Theatre held its 70th anniversary celebration with an evening of food, drinks, music, and friends. The night doubled as a benefit fundraiser for New Leash on Life. Two Fat Men Catering provided the food. During dinner guests were able to review their 1949 knowledge with a slideshow on the big screen highlighting pop culture from 70 years ago. After dinner guests enjoyed jazz sounds from singer Jamiee Paul on the theater stage.

It was Jamiee Paul's third time performing at the Capitol Theatre. Her first time was in 2013 when the theater reopened.

"I love this place. I love everyone involved. They are wonderful people. The Capitol Theatre

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has always been super sweet to us. Bob always treats us like royalty," said Paul, referring to theater owner Bob Black. "This is such a special place for us to play. It has a lot of history for us and we are always honored to be able to come and play."

Paul and her band performed two 45-minute sets. The audience enjoyed jazz inspired covers of classics like, "My Funny Valentine" and "Pennies from Heaven." Trumpet, bass cello, and piano solos surrounded unique versions of "Favorite Things" and "Folsom Prison Blues."

Guests enjoyed the dance floor while others mingled and sipped on Capitol Theatre themed cocktails. The Capitol Theatre first opened in 1949, so '50s themed attire was encouraged.

The Capitol Theatre opened for movies on Dec. 9, 1949 and remained a movie theater for 30 years. In 2013 the doors opened again as a multipurpose event space thanks to owners Bob and Pam Black.

"As Lebanon has continued to grow, Bob and Pam Black took on a huge passion project that has benefited our community. Not only has it has been able to draw business here through events, but it has become a haven for nonprofits, weddings, and celebrations," said guest Amber Hurdle. "It has brought the history of Lebanon forward into today's Lebanon. I think that connection is very unique."

Angie Dee, founder of the nonprofit theater group Audience of One Production, said, "I am so happy to be here tonight celebrating not only this gem of a theatre, the place I call home, but to honor Pam and Bob Black. They do so much for this community and are some of the most generous and loving people I know. Capitol Theatre is a haven for the students who dare to brave the Broadway Musical world. So many have been forever changed by spending time creating works of art on this stage. Tonight, was a beautiful night with incredible people celebrating this space we love so much. A huge thank you to Pam and Bob for bringing this historic theater back to life."

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