Efforts to limit the number of liquor stores in Lebanon were stymied during the last Lebanon City Council meeting in July, but they haven’t sunk just yet. However, at least one more liquor store was approved during the meeting Tuesday.

Conversations over whether Lebanon already had too many liquor stores first surfaced last month during council work sessions, and spilled over into the meeting on July 20. However, the vote to limit the number of liquor stores fell short of tallying the votes needed, after Councilor Joey Carmack and Councilor Fred Burton voted no, and Councilor Jeni Lind Brinkman abstained.

Councilor Camille Burdine, who has been the most vocal about the number of stores in Lebanon, citing several constituents voicing their concerns about it getting out of hand, said she does not plan to see this measure go down without a fight.

She said she will be bringing a revised resolution that would limit the number of liquor stores before the City Council at its next meeting on Aug. 17.

Last month, Burdine said, “Our citizens care about how many liquor stores we have now. If improving the quality of life in Lebanon is our ultimate goal, then we need to establish some standards,” a sentiment she repeated Tuesday.

While the previous number of liquor stores in Lebanon had been reported at 17, an updated count released during the Tuesday meeting revealed the number is actually 12 stores currently active in city limits.

Before the meeting Tuesday, two additional certificates of compliance, a prerequisite for opening a liquor store in the city, had been approved by the City Council. Accounting for the certificate approved Tuesday, the total is now 15, although three of those stores are not open yet.

The applicant for the latest liquor store certificate is Jimmy Patel, of For Us Two Inc. and the location for the store will be 1233 S. Hartmann Dr.

Burdine was the only councilor who voted against the latest certificate. Ultimately, it passed 4-1, as Councilor Chris Crowell was absent from the meeting.

By Tennessee law, liquor stores have to renew their compliance permits every two years. For those stores already in the city, they would be effectively grandfathered in.

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