The Lebanon City Council finalized an agreement Tuesday that will see it contribute $1 million to a public park development on Cairo Bend Road.

An agreement between the city and Goodall Homes, the company providing the property for the park, passed its second reading by unanimous vote. Officials expect the park to open by next fall, and the plans include trail systems, recreational areas and a playground.

"This is feedback I received from constituents from day one, that they'd love to have a park within walking distance," Ward 6 Councilor Jeni Lind Brinkman said during previous discussion on the ordinance. "This is going to be our first park in Lebanon that is directly adjacent to residents. (This is) very good, forward thinking and I really appreciate it."

Per the agreement, the city is responsible for purchasing and installing playground equipment up to $400,000, and will pay Goodall Homes up to $600,000 after the company grades and installs the park's other features.

"The best way to describe this is that it's a passive park," Ragan Smith Associates Inc. Project Manager Heather Grimes said during a public meeting detailing the park plans. "Our focuses are on trail systems, open recreational areas and a quarter of an acre playground in the central area. We really wanted to highlight and showcase what was already existing on site, which is beautiful."

Areas specifically mentioned in the agreement include a walking trail, four pavilions and a playground, along with parking, restrooms and utility services.

Grant funding may also allow the city to reduce its $600,000 contribution, and the council is looking into sources like the Recreational Trails Program to do so.


According to the agreement, Goodall Homes will donate the 16-acre park property and provide its deed to Lebanon once the initial park and playground improvements are finished.

The location does allow for future additions or expansions to the park, but no specific plans, timeframes or costs have been determined.

In addition, the council approved first readings of ordinances that would stop drivers from cutting through private property to avoid traffic lights and establish clear guidelines for building an adequate animal shelter.

The Lebanon City Council's next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Dec. 3, at Lebanon City Hall on 200 N. Castle Heights Ave.

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