A construction blasting incident on TN 109 left drivers stuck in traffic for several hours on Friday, as responders worked to repair and pave the affected lanes.

According to Wilson County EMA, the blast "buckled" the roadway near Bloodworth Road, primarily damaging the southbound lane. No injuries were reported.

"Damage to the roadway occurred when Vulcan's sub-contractor was blasting the rock adjacent to the road," Tennessee Department of Transportation Region 3 Community Relations Officer Kathryn Schulte said. "According to the personnel at the scene, a blast went under the roadway and lifted it up about 3 feet."

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Vulcan Construction Materials is the contractor for the work.

Schulte said the damaged section of the roadway was approximately 80 feet long and had to be replaced. Near the center of the blast, the road had been lifted as high as 8 feet.

The Wilson County Sheriff's Office and Tennessee Highway Patrol were called onto the scene while the roads were cleaned and repaired.

"Our involvement was simply for traffic control," Wilson County Sheriff's Office Lt. Scott Moore said. "And letting our citizens know via social media to avoid the area while they were patching the road up."

Workers finished repaving the road at approximately 8:15 p.m., according to Wilson County EMA, and all lanes were reopened by 9:45 p.m. once the pavement cooled.

Permanent repairs to the road surface were conducted Saturday morning, with traffic near Bloodworth Road kept to a single lane.

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