The Mt. Juliet Planning Commission unanimously recommended a site plan review for Advanced Orthopaedics & Spine, the first business planned for the Legacy Pointe development off Golden Bear Gateway.

This mixed-use development will also include office, medical, retail, and a hotel on 85 acres. Advanced’s plans for its 3.3-acre site include a three-story building.

Jessica Gore, principal of Para Design, a local civil engineer group and developer for Advance, said the company wanted to go for a contemporary design by using Alucobond metal panels.

“We are hoping they use those panels as a design choice because it is a good quality material and construction practice that will be accepted,” said Gore.

AOS’ large portion of the façade is glazing.

Greg Hayden, principal architect for Hayden Architecture & Interiors, a Nashville-based architectural firm and the architects for Advanced, said they typically use the Alucobond metal panels as accents and are using it a bit more this building.

“They are willing to spend a little bit more money and be more image-conscious than some of the clients we work for,” said Hayden.

Planning Commission member and District 3 Commissioner Scott Hefner said that he likes the modern design of the building, but also said that the commission needs to revisit the commercial and industrial materials for the design.

Gore said the building’s 3D rendering will match the overall look of this development.

“We don’t want it to be so shiny that it would be blinding,” said Gore. “However, this building does have a brush nickel look to it.”

She also compared Advanced’s building design to the Allergy & Associates of Middle Tennessee building in Lebanon.

Planning Director Jennifer Hamblen asked if the metal panels were durable.

Hayden answered that the panels have better longevity than masonry in terms of maintenance.

“It might need to be washed down every now and then, but it is not going to show stains or collect dust and dirt nearly as much as masonry buildings do,” said Hayden.

Commission member Darrin Cunningham said Advanced will be a great addition to the Mt. Juliet community.

“I think it is a huge asset to our community to have a building product like this or someone who is willing to pay for it and bring it to our communities,” said Cunningham. “I’m both thankful and supportive of this.”

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