The Lebanon City Council discussed adding security measures to the recently opened park on South Hartmann drive after it was vandalized with spray paint earlier this week.

Officials from the city's Recreation Department discovered the graffiti on Monday and worked with Serv Pro of Lebanon to clean the park on Tuesday afternoon. The Lebanon Police Department has not released any information regarding its investigation as of Wednesday.

"Serv Pro offered to clean it for absolutely nothing as a donation to the city," Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash said, noting that the initial cost estimate was $900. "Something bad happens, something good happens, and so we're grateful to them."

City Councilman Joey Carmack asked about installing a monitoring system similar to Don Fox Park's, with a call box and camera.

"We've kind of all kicked it around since the inception of the park," Lebanon Police Chief Mike Justice said. "We're trying to get a hard number, but ... there are some variances. Once (we) get a hard figure we can come to you and ask if that's

see security/page a3

something you want to do, but I think those cameras at the Don Fox Park are working great."

The council also authorized the purchase of dispatch consoles for the new police headquarters being built on Sparta Pike, at a cost of $71,457. According to the ordinance, funding for the consoles is available through a bond the city obtained for the headquarters' construction.

In addition, the council passed the first reading of a lease agreement that would see Aries Clean Energy maintain and operate the gasification facility on Hartmann Drive in exchange for monthly payments to the city.

"It's going from $9,000 to $18,000 if they decide they like it," Commissioner of Public Works Jeff Baines said. "If they don't, it ends next June."

Lebanon Finance Director Stuart Lawson said that money would be placed in the city's water/sewer fund rather than the general fund, and would help lower debt service payments.

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