Wilson County Trustee Jim Major said he’s determined to get a piece of legislation through the commission that would help offset property tax for qualified recipients.

Major’s plan would offer a $100 tax credit for property owners falling in one of two categories, qualified elderly and veterans. The veterans category would also include an surviving veterans’ widows.

Per Major, there are roughly 2,000 property owners around the county who would qualify in the first group. He estimated another 400 after accounting for veterans or veterans’ widows.

The tax credit would result in a reduction of county revenue to the tune of nearly $250,000, which Major acknowledged was no small sum. However, he said that given the goal of the proposal, he didn’t see how anyone could object to aiding the elderly and local veterans.

Commissioner Wendell Marlowe chairs the county’s budget committee. He said on Wednesday that before any such policy could be implemented it would need to be explored by the committee.

“It’s something we could be interested in, but we’d like to hear more about it,” Marlowe said. “We would need to figure out what the financial impact would be on the county. If its minimal, then I wouldn’t see a problem going to the commission with this.”

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto didn’t offer direct endorsement of Major’s plan but he did say on Wednesday that he “always believes its important to help out widows and veterans.”

Wilson County Deputy Finance Director Labraunya Horton said, “The finance department is currently discussing things with the county attorney to make sure it is an avenue we can go down before we give the trustee the go ahead. We just want to make sure we do everything by the book.”

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