Fallen tree splits area mobile home in two

Photo by Ethan Steinquest - Lebanon Democrat

A mobile home located on Coles Ferry Pike was split in half by a fallen tree during a thunderstorm on Saturday, when winds nearing speeds of 60 mph blew through the county.

A trailer in Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park was split in half by a fallen tree during a thunderstorm Saturday, though no injuries or fatalities were reported.

According to neighbor Billy Warrick, the residence's two female occupants were away when the storm hit at approximately 10:30 a.m., breaking off part of a large tree on the property.

"I was inside my house looking out the window when I heard this loud noise," he said. "I saw the tree fall right down and hit through the trailer, so I called it in."

The Wilson County Sheriff's Office, Lebanon Fire Department and Wilson County Emergency Management Agency responded to Warrick's call and arrived at the scene.

"Upon arrival, deputies checked the home for anyone inside and found that no one was home," Deputy Joseph Darbonne wrote in the incident report. "I was notified of the renter's name by dispatch and that they made with contact with a family member of the renter by phone. No other information of the renter is known due to deputies not making contact with her."

Middle Tennessee Electric later responded to the reports and cut power to the residence. The incident occurred amid a severe thunderstorm warning in Wilson County, which WEMA warned could bring winds reaching up to 60 mph.

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