Construction is progressing on the newest school in the Wilson County Schools system.

The budget for Green Hill High School, whose colors will be green and white and will be called the Hawks, is $107 million, according to Bart Barker, Wilson County Schools spokesman.

So far the gyms have been constructed and the roof is being installed in those areas. The front first floor of the academic section is also constructed and workers are beginning on the second floor. The kitchen and cafeteria area is also complete. Most of the utility infrastructure is almost in place as well.

Green Hill is a three-story structure and will have the same layout and number of gyms and greenhouses as Mt. Juliet High School and Lebanon High School. It will be approximately 415,510 square feet.

It will also include around 1,200 parking spaces. The site for Green Hill is about 60 acres and is located at North Greenhill Road and Lebanon Road.

"The school has a core capacity of 2,000," Barker said. "It will have one principal and will end up with five assistant principals as student enrollment grows."

The hiring process for principal, secretary, bookkeeper, registrar, at least one of the counselors, and at least one of the assistant principals is expected to begin in January.

"The new high school zoning approved by the board changed all high school zones in the county," Barker said.

The Green Hill zone is anyone with an address north of Old Lebanon Dirt Road from the Davidson County line, to the intersection of North Mt. Juliet Road and anyone with an address east of North Mt. Juliet Road from the intersection of Old Lebanon Dirt Road north to the river.

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A traffic plan has been developed which will allow students to enter the parking lot off of Lebanon Road. The new intersection development at Benton Douglas will also help with traffic around the school, Barker said.

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