After months of speculation, the Wilson County Assessor of Property's office has confirmed retail and tech giant Amazon is the company that has purchased the two tracts of land located at the corner of Golden Bear Gateway and East Division Street in Mt. Juliet. One parcel sold for $1,173,600 with the other selling for $3,793,860.

The property, which has been approved for a 3.6 million square foot building, has been known as "Project Sam." The scale of the project prompted talk that it would be a Amazon fulfillment center, but until the property purchase became public, it was not certain.

The company is expected to bring 1,000 jobs, and Mt. Juliet Commissioner Ray Justice said Wednesday that the facility is expected to open in spring 2021. There is no word on when Amazon will begin hiring for the positions, which will be white collar as well as blue collar, according to Justice.

Amazon Public Relations Manager, Operations Owen Torres said in an email Wednesday that "Amazon is a dynamic business and is constantly exploring new locations and weighing a variety of factors when deciding where to develop future sites.

"To best serve customers, we have a policy of not commenting on our future roadmap," said Torres "This land purchase in Wilson County provides us with the flexibility to quickly respond to our future network needs."

While the Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners agreed to allow Amazon to build their facility the way they wanted, it did not come without questions from some of the board members as well as residents of the city. One topic of debate was the height of the facility. Resident Stuart Resor said he did not agree with letting Amazon build their new facility at 92 feet.

"The height limit did not seem to be a problem to anyone except myself and the mayor, Ed Hagerty. Every city, including Mt. Juliet, has zoning laws for industrial buildings," said Resor. "The issue is not so much safety as it is bulk and mass. Agreeing to let them do it at 92 feet is a decision we're OK

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with but not real thrilled about"

He went on to said that if a city allows one company come in and raise the height requirements, it would open the floodgates for other companies to ask for the same favor.

"Lebanon should pay attention in my humble opinion," said Resor. "Because, when you have a huge variation on one of the regulations it tends to void it completely."

Justice said when a company comes to the Mt. Juliet area, the board must figure out what the impact is, figure a way they can work with them to asses the impact, then work with them to eliminate that impact

"We worked it out with Amazon," said Justice "They are actually clearing the land as we speak."

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