People from across Tennessee and neighboring states descended on the Lebanon Sunday to rev their engines and test out their sports cars.

The event was the first of the 2021 season for the Tennessee Region Sports Car Club of America. It allowed participants their first crack at a timed test trial without consequences for performance.

The organization’s regional executive Hayden Pirrera said, “This is the first chance for people to come out and hone their driving skills this season. It’s a great day to be out enjoying this weather while enjoying their cars in a safe manner.”

Pirrera said the event is open for anyone with a car. “We have a class for pretty much every car you can think of.”

He said the only thing off limits are sports utility vehicles and trucks. “Our rule is simple, your vehicle has to be wider than it is tall.”

The event caters to all skill levels. For instance, they have a novice group for the newcomers. Designations on these cars feature a large “E” for e-street.

Pirrera said that Lebanon is a great place to start the season because it’s centrally located, so folks from all around can attend — folks like Brooke Tackett of Lexington, Kentucky.

Sunday afternoon, Tackett could be found leaning along the fencepost by the track’s final corner turn. Tackett was waiting for her fiance, Nathan Harper, to make a run in his 1993 Chevrolet Camaro. “This is my first car event, but I’m here to support my fiance,” Tackett said.

One gauge for evaluating a vehicle is a dynamometer, or “dyno,” which measures a car’s horsepower.

Keith Reihl, of Columbia, TN owns Muletown Mobile Dyno, a dynamometer trailer he lugs to events like these.

Reihl said that drivers can pull up onto his trailer. According to Reihl, drivers like to use the dyno before and after they make any alterations to the engine.

One supercharged Ford Mustang at the event capped out at 660 horsepower, the high water mark for Reihl’s day.

If you missed out this past weekend, another chance to catch the car club is right around the corner. On March 21, an official points event will take place at the same location. Visit for more details.

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