Lebanon library receives technology grant

Tre Hargett, the Tennessee Secretary of State, presented Lebanon Wilson County Public Library with a $907 technology grant on Tuesday. They plan to use the grant to replace outdated staff computers.

Photo by Georgia Gallagher • Lebanon Democrat

The Tennessee State Library and Archives has awarded a $907 grant to the Lebanon Wilson County Public Library for new staff computers.

Tre Hargett, the Tennessee secretary of state, presented the grant to the Lebanon Wilson County Public Library on Tuesday afternoon.

"We're going to be using the grant money to replace some staff computers that are over 5 years old," said Alesia Burnley, the director of the library.

Hargett emphasized the importance of technology at public libraries to the improvement of a community.

"Technology is so essential to childhood literacy, job searches, and social media," Hargett said. "The next generation of workers need to be technologically literate and public libraries are a way that many people can achieve that."

State Sen. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon, agreed with Hargett about the importance of technology.

"Many of us take computers for granted but there are students and citizens in Lebanon that don't have a computer at home," Pody said. "We want to thank you for making the trip out here, secretary, and for making sure our libraries and library technology are on the cutting edge. We've been working hard here to make sure all of our citizens have access to technology."

Hargett says the state has over $350,000 this fiscal year to allocate to technology grants across the state.

"That sounds like a lot of money on its face," Hargett said. "But once you start dividing it up statewide it doesn't amount to that much. We're happy that we're able to provide cities across the state with grants that will help them keep technology up to date."

The Lebanon Wilson County Public Library will be closed for renovations from the last week of November until the first week of January. The Mt. Juliet and Watertown public libraries will remain open during this time.

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