Green Hill High School will open for its first year in August 2020 under Principal Kevin Dawson, the current principal of West Wilson Middle School, and current Assistant Principal Beverly Sharpe at Mt. Juliet High will transition to West Wilson Middle to take his place as principal.

Wilson County Schools Director Donna Wright announced Friday at West Wilson Middle that Dawson would be Green Hill High's first principal and that he would shift into that role as of January 2020.

"We are pleased to announce Kevin Dawson as the principal of Green Hill High School," Wright said. "Kevin's experience in both middle and high school makes him uniquely qualified to take the helm of a new, state-of-the-art, comprehensive high school."

Wright also described Dawson as an educator with the ideal perspective on how to transition middle school students to high school by establishing a focus as early as sixth grade on college and career goals. Dawson has worked for Wilson County Schools since June 2012 when he first entered the district as a teacher at Mt. Juliet Middle School.

"I feel honored to be named as principal of GHHS," Dawson said. "I will miss the West Wilson faculty, students and community; the work we have done has been excellent, and we have had fun along the way. I am excited to carry that momentum and experience into the GHHS community and help build a culture of excellence."

In January, Sharpe will succeed him at West Wilson Middle, according to a subsequent announcement. Sharpe has served the district for more than 35 years now, and she's been assistant principal at Mt. Juliet High School since 2007.

The district says that Sharpe's experience led to the conclusion that she would be able to offer the students of West Wilson Middle the best preparation for high school, and she expressed her excitement about the opportunity.

"There are hardly words for how excited I am to step into this new role," Sharpe said. "West Wilson Middle School is already a reward school, and I look forward to learning and growing with the students, faculty and staff in the months and years to come!

"In the past few years, I have been contemplating what my next challenge should be," Sharpe continued. "I am thankful to have this leadership opportunity. MJHS is my home away from home. I sometimes remind our faculty that I've been 'married' to them longer than I've been married to my husband of 34 years!"

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Wright also expressed confidence in Sharpe's ability to take the helm and capitalize on the successes of Dawson's tenure at West Wilson Middle.

"She has been so instrumental in the curriculum," Wright said.

"I can put Beverly's name out there as being that gold seal because she's probably one of the best and most masterful I've seen as far as looking at curriculum, executing instruction and the teaching and learning side of it. She's just such a wealth of experience, and she's a great choice for that age group of students," said Wright.

Green Hill High is often referenced as the latest mark of the growth of the Wilson County School District but also of Mt. Juliet as a city. Its purpose is to de-crowd the overpopulated student body at Mt. Juliet High. The school represents a $107 million investment -- a three-story facility at about 415,510 sq. ft. The school has already been given a mascot and school colors; they'll wear green and white and be known as the Hawks.

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