The Lebanon Regional Planning Commission voted in favor of more than 800 new apartments and town homes at its meeting Thursday, with the items now set to go before the Lebanon City Council.

Most of those would be concentrated in Revere Apartments, a 492-unit development with a site plan at 2135 Lebanon Road. Other site plans on the agenda include Cedar Ridge at Woodall (215 units on Cottoncloud Drive) and South Maple Townhomes (101 units on South Maple Street).

In addition, commissioners granted preliminary plat approval for Oaks Pointe, an 81-lot subdivision at Cherry Blossom Way that would connect to The Pointe at Five Oaks.

Residents could also see a 7-Eleven built at 1700 W. Main St. after the commission approved the project’s site plan.

“As a resident close to this location, it is a welcome breath of fresh air to be able to have the opportunity at any time of day to be able to go down and fuel up on the way in or on the way out,” commission member Chad Williams said. “Because on the west side, the closest that we have in this area for gas stations beyond 9 p.m. is all the way to 109 or all the way to the middle of town.”

Other residents, including Meghan Michel, see building new gas stations as unnecessary.

“Do we really need more gas stations in the city of Lebanon?” she asked commissioners during the meeting. “We have a lot, and there should be more than that to this town.”

Lebanon Economic Development Director Sarah Haston said she hears similar feedback, and that the number of stations is based on population growth.

“On this particular side of town, it’s natural to have more gas stations come through because of the growth rate that we’ve had out there with the new homes and the growth that we’re experiencing,” she said. “So part of that development as you have an increase in population and an increase of new homebuilding, you’re going to need gas stations unless the demand for fuel goes down.”

The Lebanon Regional Planning Commission’s next regular called meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Aug. 25.

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