The Lebanon Regional Planning Commission is set to vote Tuesday on final plat approval for the Hickory Ridge Shopping Center after the Lebanon City Council approved the proposal earlier this month.

National grocery chain Publix is expected to anchor the development, which includes four out-parcels for restaurants or other retailers. According to a press release from the city, Lebanon will invest approximately $650,000 in the property for an expected return of $1.6 million per year in tax collections and utilities.

“The economic impact of this commercial property has been researched and analyzed by our Economic Development Director, Sarah Haston, and by our Commissioner of Finance, Stuart Lawson,” Lebanon Mayor Rick Bell said in the release. “These improvements will greatly enhance this area’s potential for both tourism and economic development by attracting the type of growth that residents and visitors will frequent.”

Commissioners are also looking at approving a preliminary plat that would add 215 lots to the Woodbridge Glen Subdivision on Callis Road. City planner Seth Harrison said the item is an amended version of a previously approved plat.

“We had a work session last week with the (city) council regarding this area,” planning commissioner and Ward 3 Councilor Camille Burdine said during the commission’s preliminary meeting Tuesday. “There’s some flooding issues, and we as a council are talking about extending this roadway and appreciate Woodbridge Glen and how they’re developing, and their assistance with this seeing how this is going to meet their residents’ needs as well as take care of some stormwater.”

Another larger development on the agenda, Rowland Farms, would bring 58 lots on approximately 20 acres to Leeville Pike.

“Even though there were no open comments on this item, I’m not really comfortable with having it be on (the consent agenda),” Harrison said, noting that he wants engineering staff to have more time to review it. “Just because it was submitted last-minute … in terms of planning, there aren’t really any open comments.”

Jordan Fleming of Fleming Homes, the company that submitted the request, said the community has been built and that the process should move forward smoothly.

“Really this item is just hopefully a check off the box list,” he said. “The community has been built. Production drawings — we’ve gone through a tough road with rock excavation, obviously it’s taken longer than expected, as most developments do. But we’re at the very end of the runway … we’re definitely looking forward to crossing through this finish line now.”

The Lebanon Regional Planning Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Tuesday via Zoom. Members of the public wishing to attend or provide comments are asked to contact Seth Harrison at or 615-444-3647 ext. 2304.

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