Two recent Wilson County homicides remain unresolved, although the investigation into one is complete and the identity of the victim in the other has been released.

On Sept. 2, a shooting on Oriole Drive northwest of Lebanon left Jason E. McCluskey, 43, dead. He was shot by his father, Lawrence McCluskey, 68, according to the Wilson County Sheriff's Office in what was described as a domestic dispute.

WCSO Lt. Scott Moore said his department's investigation was complete and has been turned over to the district attorney's office. No one was available Friday afternoon in the DA's office to comment on the status of the case.

Just three days later, on Sept. 5, gunfire broke out in an apartment in Lebanon and a woman was killed.

Lebanon Police Department spokesman Sgt. PJ Hardy said Friday the victim was Jamie Allen of Lebanon. An exact age was not available, but he said she was in her 20s.

The incident took place at Maple Manor Apartments, 430 S. Maple St.

Hardy said that investigators believe Allen and two or three others were in the apartment when at least two people arrived. A gunfight ensued where those two appear to have

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exchanged shots with an occupant of the apartment.

"There were two directions of fire, two in one direction and one in the other," Hardy said.

Police are "very confident" that those who came to the apartment were not from Wilson County and are no longer in the county, he said, which is one reason no arrests have been made.

There was evidence of drug use in the apartment, but investigators do not believe drugs were the motive behind the shooting, he said.

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