The second year for Watertown's Oktoberfest and Art Walk proved successful, with more than 1,000 people strolling the streets -- 500 brought in by train. The event featuring the work of over 20 local artists, as well as music and food.

Vickie Frazier of Artizan Insurance helped organize the event this year and last year.

"We have a nonprofit called Tennessee Artists Guild and we had hoped to get word out about the nonprofit and give some local artists exposure," Frazier said. "A lot of the people that were invited were people we knew were already art buyers and art enthusiasts."

Watertown also had a train that brought people from around Middle Tennessee to the event.

"The train was sold out so that alone was about 500 people," Frazier said. "We probably had another 500

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to 700 come through on Saturday."

Frazier says that as the town continues to grow and more artists are attracted to Watertown, they hope to expand the event to more of an Oktoberfest.

"We did have one band, a polka band, but next year we'd love to bring more German bands and food," Frazier said. "We don't have enough funding right now for a bunch of bands but we'd love to grow it into an Oktoberfest type thing."

The Tennessee Artist Guild's mission is to enhance communities with visual arts, musical arts and theatrical arts.

"We're hoping that we can do events that enhance our community," Frazier said. "As new people come into town and new people have new ideas about things that can turn into events we want to incorporate those ideas."

Frazier emphasized that while they want to continue hosting events and bringing tourists to the town, they want to maintain the small-town feel of Watertown.

"It's a toss up between keeping the people who visit happy and keeping the people who live here happy," Frazier said.

One artist, Charlette Clemmer, made a big sale at the art walk.

"I usually only make sales at museums and art shows," Clemmer said. "I wasn't expecting to make a sale."

Clemmer has been an artist for 50 years, nearly her entire life, and does oil paintings. She sold one painting for $1,000 at the art walk on Saturday.

"It's an oil painting of a wooded forest area and a field in front full of flowers. I call it Mother Nature's Garden" Clemmer said. "I liked it and the people liked it or they wouldn't have bought it"

Clemmer has lived outside of Watertown for the past 20 years and works as an artist full-time.

"I loved the art walk," Clemmer said. "It gave the artists a chance to get their work out and be seen."

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