Back off and let Trump be president

Based on statistics, close to half the people in America did not like Barack Obama when he was president. However, he was not threatened with impeachment on a daily basis and was given the opportunity to serve as president of the United States. He appointed czars, hosted weekly White House parties and elaborate vacations, never took responsibility for anything and pretty much let other people be in charge.

Based on statistics, close to half the people in America do not like that Donald Trump is president. Mr. Trump has been under vicious attack and threatened with impeachment since prior to the time of his election. He has not been given a fair opportunity to serve as president of the United States. Like all of us, he has some flaws, but he has fully accepted the demands of his job, and works harder than any other president I have seen in my lifetime.

President Obama had the chance to be a great leader. He blew it. Unfortunately, he lacked real life job experience to prepare him for such an important position. During his tenure, money was wasted and very little was accomplished for the good of the American people. I was left with the impression President Obama has total disdain for the United States of America.

President Trump has been hindered in his efforts to be a great leader. Even though he was a successful businessman, he was labeled by Democrats and an extremely biased press as being unqualified to be our national leader. However, he has achieved a great deal in a short time, and has record-breaking numbers to prove it. He has accomplished many things that are good for the American people. It is time to end the maniacal assaults and let the man have his time to be president.

Everyone else should take a deep breath, think about the damage they are doing to our country, and end these time- and money-wasting tiresome attacks. I am left with the impression President Trump genuinely loves the United States of America and wants to solve its decades-long problems. Time will tell, but at least give President Trump the courtesy his position deserves and stop the incessant plotting and scheming.

Elaine Cecil


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