Dover Motorsports made a decision some 10 years ago to discontinue operations at the superspeedway in Wilson County.

It was not a decision we wanted to make but one that became necessary.

From the time we purchased the 1,250 acres along I-840 near Gladeville until we finished construction of the 1.33-mile concrete oval track and accompanying facilities, we had envisioned that one day we would present a NASCAR Cup race here in Wilson County.

That day never came until just a few weeks ago when we were finally granted a green flag by NASCAR to host a Cup race next June at the superspeedway.

We are extremely excited to return to Wilson County and

to the Nashville market.

Things are a bit different today than they were before we left.

There has been unprecedented growth in the area; Wilson is now the second wealthiest county in Tennessee; its public school system is ranked among the state’s best; Cumberland University has posted record enrollments year after year; the county fair (although not happening this year because of COVID-19 precautions) has set attendance records near the 600,000 mark; Vanderbilt Health has acquired the local hospital;

new industry with nationally

and internationally recognized names have located here; and

many more good things have happened.

What’s not changed is that this is still one of America’s friendliest and welcoming communities; mouth-watering cheeseburgers are still served at the Snow-White; the Castle Heights campus has been neatly kept intact; and Lebanon’s town square has all the charm that it had 200 years ago when the city was first born.

I hope you can read from this that we are glad to be returning to a place we have admired and missed for many years and bringing back with us a true Southern tradition, NASCAR racing.

We certainly have our work cut out for us over the next several months but if all goes as planned, our superspeedway will reopen and Dover Motorsports will be back in Wilson County.

Thank you Wilson County for your friendship and kind hospitality.

Denis L. McGlynn is president/CEO of Dover Motorsports, owner of Nashville Superspeedway.

Denis L. McGlynn is president/CEO of Dover Motorsports, owner of Nashville Superspeedway.

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