Results from this week's Lebanon Junior/Senior Pro League basketball games played at the Harold Dean Greer Recreation Center:



Black 18, Gray 14

Noah Bennett led the Black with eight points while Carter Mull scored seven and Rashaad Williams three.

Carson Thomas tossed in eight points for the Gray while Eli Lamiax threw in three, Luke Hayes two and William King a free throw.

Green 19, Red 8

Gage Bullock scored seven points for the Green while Casen Johnson finished with five, Gipeon Freeman four and Kendrick Lewis three.

Casen Denton dropped in three points, Bryce Johnson and Damien Nieves two each and Brayden Hale a free throw for the Red.

Gold 11, Orange 10

Levi Chapman, Jordan Fugate and Easton Thompson each threw in three points and Eli Spurlock two for the Gold.

Eli Durbin finished with five points, Cody Larson and Mason Baird two each and Mason Seaborn a free throw.



Red 12, Gold 10

Thomas Ferraro finished with four points for the Red while Ty McKinnis threw in three, Jaquise Lewis and Lathan Carter two each and Noah Carter a free throw.

Jaquez Keeley and Jack Sanders each scored four points and Colton Harris two for the Gold.

Blue 14, Orange 5

Connor Ryan and Jentry Simpson each scored six points for the Blue while Noah Morgan managed two.

Acurion Logue and Kaden Trice each tossed in two points and Michael McClain a free throw for the Orange.

8-10 COED

Gray 22, Red 7

Brooklyn Evert led the Gray with 11 points while Carleigh Barrett notched nine and Bryley Bowers two.

Tate McPeak produced four points and Elijah Lockhart three for the Red.

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