Editor’s Note: Here are the results of recent Lebanon Girls Softball Association games, as submitted by the league.

Monday July 13 PeeWee

Holt Plumbing 0, Wilson Bank 0

Charlie Cox led Holt Plumbing with 2 triples while Emrie Blaike Thompson and Stella Wheeler each had a triple and single. Abigail Kinner and Ellie Trammel 2 doubles each. Lily Pierce and Lilli Smith each had 2 singles. Laurel Hager led Wilson Bank with a double and single. Emily Buchanan, Madelyn Gentry, Emerson George, Dylan Mae Lalka, Mallorie Lasater, Bell Parker, Adalyn Preston and Charlotte Young each had 2 singles.


Cedar City RV 6, Jeff Gannon State Farm 5

Cheyenne Kauffman hit a 2-out walk off single to secure the win for Cedar City RV. Kauffman had 2 singles and 3 RBIs. MaKenna Malone single and 2 RBI, Lucy Meyer double and a RBI, Avery Harris 3 singles, Gracie Patton 2 singles, Aubrie Wright 2 singles and a double, and Asiyah Rhoes, and Rilynn Landrum each had a single.

Jeff Gannon State Farm Mila Gannon, Avery McDowell, Millie Sellars, Averly Smith and Emmie Thompson each had 2 singles. Tessa Lewis, Mercy Marsh and Mackenzie Sellars each singled.

Woodmont Realty 8, Dick’s 4

Woodmont Realty was led by Tilley Benner and Kolbi Buhler with 2 singles and 2 RBIs. Hillary Rowland single and 2 RBIs. Kaley Chapman 2 singles and RBI. Kennedy McCue 3 singles and RBI. Emmalee Bringhurst 3 singles. Marley Pyburn contributed a single. Kate Lanning led Dick’s Sporting Goods with a home run, double and RBI. Natalie Russell had a double and Emma Bond a RBI.


Adam Wright Design 14, Lebanon Monument 7

Wright Design — Makenna Lee 3 singles and 3 RBI. Hannah Hubner single, double and 3 RBI. Noa Lovelace 2 singles, double and 2 RBI. Sydney Mae Russell 2 singles and 2 RBI. Olivia Scarbrough 3 singles and RBI. Mileigh Silcox 2 singles, double and RBI.Miracle Hastings 2 singles and RBI. Brooklyn Buchanan, Ada Hale, and Jaylin Reasonover 2 singles each. Brooklyn Miller 1 single and RBI. Aliana Jennings a single.

Lebanon Monument Adeline Davis, Lily Goad, Courntey Haley, Sydney Hickman, and Isabelle Hodge 2 singles each. Mattie Mitchell and Genevieve Robertson 1 single.

Akins Overhead Door 13, Straight Shot 4

Brinley Holcomb led Akins with 4 singles and 3 RBI. Mallory Evetts 4 singles and 2 RBI. Anne Claire Melton 3 singles and 3 RBI. Kaylee Thompson 2 singles, double and 3 RBI. Harper Hall, Jaidyce Keeley and JaTehya Neuble 2 singles each. Stella Norwood 1 single and RBI. Emma Murphy and Sloan Njezic single each. Straight Shot Morgan McCauley single and triple. Aubrey Smith single and double. Addison Whitlock 2 singles. Jaci Andrews, Taegan Andrews, and Hadleigh Gant single each.


Journey’s 9, Volunteer Sheet Metal 5

Journey’s pitcher Amiyah Hodge had 6 strikeouts in the circle. Alivia Weir had a RBI. Hodge, Rowan Illobre, and Aryann McCarver each had 4 stolen bases. Addison and Blakely Sellars 3 stolen bases. Alyvia Barnabi, Kloe Kamm, and Kassie Martel 2 stolen bases.

Volunteer Sheet Metal Zoey Thomas double, RBI and stolen base. Avalyn Broach single, RBI and 3 stolen bases. Cadence Malave single and 3 RBI. Sadie Mosley single. Tatum Estes 3 stolen bases and McKenzie Lockwood 2 stolen bases.

Tuesday, July 14 10U Haston Home Improvement 8 Journey’s 7

Haston Home Makenna Stowell single and double. Cami Dockins double. Halle Bond and Shelby Thomas single each.

Journey’s Amiyah Hodge 10 K’s in the circle with a single and 4 stolen bases. Rowan Illbore single and 3 stolen bases. Kassie Martel 5 stolen bases. Alyvia Barnabi, Kloe Kamm, Aryanna McCarver, and Blakely Sellars 3 stolen bases.


Haston Home Improvement 13, Stephens Custom Homes 12

Haston Home Cami Dockins double. Halle Bond and Addison Haston single each.

Ryan Stephens Payln Stephes 3 K’s pitching and 7 stolen bases. Carly Allen single, 2 RBI and 6 stolen bases. Neely Greer 7 stolen bases. Cassi Hayes 4 stolen bases. Kyleena Blades and Madelyn Patton 3 stolen bases. Mckenzie Jo Thompson 2 stolen bases.


Action Nissan 6, Lester Digital 3

Action Nissan Abby Smith triple, HR and 3 RBI. Celina Williams single, RBI and stolen base. Maddye McKenzie single and stolen base. Macayla Moss 2 singles. Ella Byrd, Rolandria Dowell, Leah Jones and Aery Sellars single each.

Lester Digital Olivia Lester pitched 3 strikeouts. Jayla Creech single and triple. Micah Copen, Harlie Phillips and Rylee Rogers single and RBI each. Abi Copen single.

Ligon Bobo 7, CedarStone 6

Ligon Bobo Keeli Davis single home run, RBI and stolen base. Isabelle Walker 2 singles and 2 stolen bases. Charlie Mae Haston single. Cynthia Burns 4 stolen bases. Greenlee Illobre and Kylie Taylor and 2 stolen bases. Alayshaona Maynard and Morgan Sutton each a stolen base.

CedarStone Alyssa Wood 3 strikeouts pitching, single and stolen base. Maci Hodge home run and 3 RBI. Reagan Schmitz 2 singles, RBI and 2 stolen bases. Katrina Brown single, RBI and stolen base. Chloe Harris single. Presley Broach a RBI. Elizabeth Diggs 2 stolen bases


Lester Digital 12, Action 3

Lester Digital Olivia Lester pitched 3 strikeouts and a RBI. Harlie Phillips single, home run and 3 RBI. Jayla Creech single and triple. Abi Copen triple and 3 RBI. Avery Taylor single and RBI. Kiley Davis single and RBI. Mikayla Brown and Rylee Rogers each a RBI.

Action Nissan Maddye McKenzie single double, RBI and stolen base. Avery Sellars single, RBI and stolen base. Celina Williams single and RBI. Morgan Diehl, Analyn McKenzie and Macayla Moss single each.

CedarStone 10, Ligon & Bobo 3Alyssa Wood 7 K’s in the circle. Maci Hodge single and 2 RBI. Chloe Harris and Kyleigh Chandler single and RBI each. Elizabeth Diggs single.

Ligon Bobo Isabelle Walker single and 2 stolen bases. Keeli Davis, Greenlee Illobre and Kylie Taylor 3 stolen bases. Layla Patrick and Keira Rogers 1 stolen base.

Thursday, July 16 PeeWee Holt Plumbing 0, Southeast Impressions 0

Holt Plumbing Charlie Cox, Abigail Kriner, Presley Mayberry, Lily Pierce, Lilli Smith, Emrie Blaike Thompson, Ellie Trammel and Stella Wheeler each had 2 singles

Southeast Impressions Halstyn Andrews, Kayleigh Canales, Finley Illobre, Kamryn Leach, McKenzie Martin, Ella Miller, Leah Rush each had 2 singles. Kali Leach and Imery Walker 1 single each.


Gannon State Farm 11, Dick’s 6

State Farm Mila Gannon and Emmie Thompson each had a home run and 2 singles. Tessa Lewis, Avery McDowell, Mackenzie Sellars and Averly Smith had 2 singles each. Kinsley Pitzer and Millie Sellars each had a single.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Emma Munds had 2 doubles and a home run. Kate Lanning a single and triple with 2 RBIs. Natalie Russell had a single and Haiden Schultz a single and a double. Emma Bond had a RBI.

Woodmont 8, Cedar City RV 4

Woodmont Realty Henley Simmons 2 singles and 2 RBIs. Kolbi Buhler and Hillary Rowland 2 singles and 1 RBI. McKenzie Haley single and 2 RBI. Kaley Chapman and Kennedy McCue single and RBI. Emmalee Bringhurst 2 singles. Marley Pyburn and Scarlett Pendleton a single each.

Cedar City RV Gracie Patton tripel and 2 RBIs. Aubrie Wright single, double and RBI. Ansley Apple single and RBI. Avery Harris, Lucy Meyer and Audrey Wiley single each. Cheyenne Kauffman a double. Adalyn Pfountz 2 singles.


Adam Wright Design 15, Akins 6

Adam Wright Design Brooklyn Miller triple and RBI. Mileigh Silcox, Hannah Hubner, Miracle Hastings single double and RBI. Ada Hale single, double and 3 RBIs. Olivia Scarbrough 2 singles, double and 2 RBIs. Brooklyn Buchanan a double and RBI. Noa Lovelace 3 singles and RBI. Jaylin Reasonover single and double. Sydney Mae Russell single. Makenna Lee 4 RBIs.

Akins Overhead Door Brinley Holcomb 2 singles and 2 RBI. Harper Hall, Elizabeth Johnson 2 singles each. Anne Claire Melton, JaTehya Neuble, Sloan Njezic, and Stella Norwood single each. Mallory Evetts a RBI

Crook Auto 8, Straight Shot 6

Crook Auto Carly Hodge 2 singles and RBI. Scarlett Biddle 2 singles. Stella Scott double and triple. Aburey Smith triple. Pyper Davis single triple and RBI. Shlby Brandenburg, October Sky Greer, Jai’la Kelly and Hadley Williams single each. Jada James single and RBI.

Straight Shot Moxy Clay single and triple. Addison Whitlock single and 2 doubles. Rylee Stanley single double and 2 RBI. Morgan McCauley 2 singles, double and RBi. Aubrey Smith single double and RBI. Jaci and Taegan Andrews single each. Hadleigh Gant 2 singles. Leiah Rush double and 2 RBIs.


Volunteer 8, Poplar Hill Companies 7

Poplar Hill Companies Nora Rogers single and 4 stolen bases. Erin Hardeman, Alice Pierce and Kinsley Schwend a RBI each. Landry Orr 2 stolen bases. Payton Rohn stolen base.

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