The blaze at 355 Crosswinds Drive in Mt. Juliet destroyed Steven and Kelly Jo Dixon’s home during the early hours of Sunday morning. The Dixons and their dogs were able to make it out of the home, but everything inside was lost to the flames.

A Mt. Juliet’s residence was destroyed during a weekend blaze that consumed the structure quickly and left little to be salvaged.

Steve and Kelly Jo Dixon were home on Saturday night when a fire broke out in their house at 355 Crosswinds Drive in Mt. Juliet.

The Wilson County Emergency Management Agency’s fire chief and deputy director, Jeremy Hobbes, confirmed that the call came in at 11:38 p.m.

Hobbes said that three fire engines and a tanker truck were on scene to aid the firefighters’ containment of the inferno. A crew from Rehab 23 was also on site.

According to Hobbes, the home was nearly 80% involved by the time that crews were able to arrive. While the cause of the fire remains unknown at this time, Hobbes said that the initial caller who reported the fire told dispatch that the fire started downstairs.

It took several hours, but the fire crews were able to eventually extinguish the flames, but not before everything material in the home was lost.

Hobbes said that the occupants were home at the time and that thankfully they were able to evacuate the premises without any serious injuries. A friend of the family, Brooke Stafford, said that the only injuries were some minor scratches on Steve Dixon’s face.

The Dixons own Tidy Dog Pet Supply and Salon in Donelson. Their passion for canines has led them to adopt several rescues. In total, they have six dogs. While each dog made it out of the home, as of Monday, one German Shepherd named Athena, had not yet been recovered, although she had been seen around the neighborhood.

A GoFundMe page set up on behalf of the couple has a goal of raising $10,000. As of the Democrat deadline on Monday, its total had reached $5,500.

Stafford helped get the GoFundMe page set up. She is a long-time family friend of the Dixons.

Stafford’s parents, Trey and Gena Sturges, are actually responsible for introducing the Dixons. They’ve remained close ever since, and after the Dixons’ home was destroyed, the Sturges family took them in.

The online donation page has a list of the items needed by the family during this time.

It said, “They are in need of immediate funds to serve the purpose of: temporary housing, deposit for long-term housing, housewares and furnishings, animal food and supplies, basic daily essentials (hygienic, toiletries, etc.), clothing, jackets, shoes (all were lost in fire) and food and water.”

Donations can be made at The name of the drive is “Fire Takes Families Home, Please Help,” and was created by Stafford and Steven Dixon.

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