Brian Austin Green 'fine' with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly romance Content Exchange

Brian Austin Green is "totally fine" with Megan Fox dating Machine Gun Kelly.

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star is happy to see his former partner so "happy" and serious with her new beau, and whilst he is not ready to settle down yet, he has been "socially dating".

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Brian is totally fine about them getting more serious. He is doing his own thing and there’s no animosity. He is pleased that Megan is preoccupied and happy. He is socially dating and seeing different girls. He’s not on that same page of being in a serious relationship right now, but he’s totally cool with MGK, no question about it."

It was previously claimed that Brian "doesn't care" that Megan has been flaunting her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly all over social media.

An insider said: "Brian isn't devastated by their split anymore, as they have been through break-ups and splits a few times now. He doesn't care that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have been flaunting their relationship publicly and is trying to focus on his own life and obviously dating a few girls in public himself. He's not taking it personally. Megan cut the chord with Brian and was just over it. It had to do with her meeting Machine Gun Kelly, but both of them know it was finally time to call it off. Brian is happy and is enjoying not having to deal with constant drama."

Brian previously revealed that he was surprised at the amount of flirty Instagram messages he had received after his split from the actress.

He said: "I had no idea that Instagram was so much of a dating site until I was single. Up until then, I posted pictures of benches, trees, the ocean and my kids doing stuff here and there. I was a total married dad on it. All of a sudden I started getting DMs when Megan and I separated. The DMs started flowing in instantly, no shame in their game at all."

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