Macon County 4-H members competed in the Central Region 4-H Grillmaster Challenge on Aug. 26 at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon.

The teams were divided into divisions based on their school grade as of Jan. 1, which were junior high (sixth through eighth grades) and senior high (ninth through 12th grades). Each team consisted of four members.

Macon County 4-H members that competed and pictured above with 4-H agents Kayla Jenkins and Michaela Pedigo: Keenan White, Hayden Patterson, Layla Amons, Eli Johnson, Delaney Turner, Aidan Flynn, Kyra White, Austin Comer, Emma Stevens, Carson Green, Ella Flynn, Kenley Roark, and Jayden Hesson.

The team members prepared one of the four species for the judges, either beef, lamb, poultry, or pork. After the members picked their specie, they decided on a cooking recipe and used proper food safety and handling practices to prepare their product. The members also started their charcoal fires and had two hours to prepare their product.

After the two hours concluded, the members turned in their finished product to the judges and stated their degree of doneness.

Macon County 4-H had three teams and one individual, with 13 total members competing.

At the awards ceremony, the senior-high team members — consisting of Layla Amons, Aidan Flynn, Emma Stevens, and Delaney Turner — received second place and advanced to state contest, which will be held on Oct. 23 at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Senior-high team A individual placings were: Aidan Flynn second in lamb, Layla Amons first in beef, Emma Stevens second in pork, and Delaney Turner fourth in poultry.

Senior-high team B members received sixth place as the overall team. Their individual placings were: Austin Comer sixth in beef, Ella Flynn sixth in poultry, Carson Green ninth in lamb, and Kyra White seventh in pork.

Eli Johnson received eighth place in the beef division.

The junior-high team received fifth place. Team members were Hayden Patterson, Keenan White, Jayden Hesson and Kenley Roark.

Patterson was second in poultry, while White was 15th in lamb. Hesson placed sixth in beef, and Roark was third in pork.

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