The first event that Laine and Hannah Lamb threw this summer went better than anticipated.

Better is how they hope to describe this weekend’s second event.

The Macon County residents will host the second LH Cattle Company 2021 Summer Series event on Saturday evening at their home facility, located at 3794 New Harmony Road in Hartsville.

“We started doing these ourselves at our old place,” Hannah Lamb said. “Last year, at our first event, we probably had 200 or 250 tops at our first event. It was about the same at the second event.”

However, the first event of the 2021 summer series included more than 500 spectators.

“We were over the moon,” Hannah Lamb said. “We both have full-time jobs. Raising bulls and putting on bull-riding is a second job and a hobby too. It not only means a lot to us income-wise, but it’s great to see local people coming out and supporting something we’re passionate about. The local community came together to support us.

“We want to have something family-friendly. We want it to be affordable. We’re not looking to make a killing off of it, but we want to see something that we’ve put so much time and hard work into pay off.”

The events are sanctioned with the Southeastern Bull Riding Association (SEBRA), which consists of both bull-riding and barrel racing. However, the summer series events will consist exclusively of bull riding as the Lambs’ arena isn’t large enough for barrels.

Saturday’s event is the second of five that are scheduled, with the others slated to be held on July 17, Aug. 28 and Sept. 25.

Laine Lamb grew up in the area and graduated from Macon County High School, and his parents owned a bull-riding company when he was a child and into his teenage years, giving him the opportunity to ride bulls as he grew up. Laine Lamb has been a bull-fighter for eight years.

The Lambs are stock contactors and rodeo/bull-riding producers, which means that they produce their own events and transport their own bulls to other events.

“When you have the kind of bulls we have and the kind of talent we have there, you’re going to have a quality show,” Hannah Lamb — a Georgia native — said. “With the caliber of bulls we have, the kind of show we run and the talent we have, it’s going to be something good to watch. For someone who doesn’t know, you’re getting top-quality entertainment.”

There were only three qualified rides — which means that riders stay on the bull for eight seconds — at the last event.

Cookeville’s Cody Brewer — who participates in International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA) events — has participated in all three events that the Lambs have produced so far, and Virginia resident Austin Beaty — who won the Frontier Circuit Finals with the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) in 2019 — attended the summer series event in May.

Local riders who have participated include Lafayette’s John Wesley and Bethpage residents Dalton Stafford and Dustin Stafford.

“We have guys traveling 10-12 hours to come to our deal,” Hannah Lamb said. “We get some top-end guys, because it’s sanctioned. At this last event, I would say all but three or four are well-known bull-riders.”

Seating has been expanded at the facility from 350 to approximately 600 currently, and the May event was standing-room-only.

Attendees can bring lawn chairs if desired.

“Our ideal situation would be for us to continue growing from a crowd standpoint,” Hannah Lamb said. “We want to be something that people look forward to coming to every year. We don’t want to burn people out. We want people to look forward to it and plan summer schedules around it. We want to be something that when people hear that it’s starting back up that people are excited and call their family or call their friends about it.”

Gates open at 4 p.m., and competition begins at 6 p.m.

There will be bouncy houses for kids to play in up until competition begins, and vendors will be set up throughout the show, including Pit Stop BBQ and Lafayette Nutrition. LH Cattle Company will also sell merchandise, and there will be a small concession stand.

“We have stuff for the kids,” Hannah Lamb said. “We have dance competitions. We have boot scrambles. We have sing-a-longs. Sponsors are donating T-shirts that are thrown out to crowd. We really want good quality fun and entertainment.”

Admission is $10 for individuals age 11 and older and $5 for children age 6-10, and children age 5 and younger can attend with no charge.

“Just look any other sports group … we want to give these kids something to look forward to,” Hannah Lamb said. “It’s just another outlet for these kids to go to. We want to be an event our community can support. It could be a huge deal for Macon and Trousdale counties. We’ve had a ton of people jump on the sponsor bandwagon. These events aren’t possible without sponsors.

“We want to be an option to where the community looks forward to.”

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