The mother of a four-month-old child was arrested after she allegedly left her child in the vehicle after she had a wreck.

Savanna Rice, 23, of Scottsville, Kentucky, faces a series of charges following the incident, which took place last Wednesday.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff’s Department deputy Brian Trask was dispatched to a residence on Green Valley Road for a report that Rice had walked up to a resident’s door saying that she had been in an accident.

Trask was also informed that there was a child still in the vehicle and that they were unsure if there were any injuries.

When Trask arrived, he and three other law-enforcement officers observed a green Kia Sol sitting in a creek with fencing wrapped around it.

The officers removed the infant from the vehicle.

After looking in the vehicle, the officers also found a clear plastic bag containing a white powder substance that resembled methamphetamine.

They also discovered a loaded Smith & Wesson 380 Revolver in the infant’s diaper bag.

Rice — who exhibited slurred speech and who was unsteady on her feet — was in the back of a patrol car as the investigation continued.

Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel arrived on the scene to evaluate Rice and the infant, and they were eventually transported to Macon Community Hospital for further evaluation.

Deputies found another bag containing a substance that resembled methamphetamine, and both bags positively field-tested as methamphetamine.

Rice was read the implied consent form and refused to give blood at that time.

Rice was charged with driving under the influence, child abuse, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, possession of a weapon under the influence, violation of implied consent law, failure to exercise due care, financial responsibility violation, and the manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamine.

Her bond was set at $101,000, and her court date is slated for April 7.

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