At it’s Sept. 7 meeting, the Lafayette City Council passed two resolutions on the first reading that would allow beer sales in the city.

During a meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes, the Lafayette City Council passed two resolutions on the first reading that would allow beer sales at its meeting on Sept. 7.

The items were back on the agenda after they failed on their second readings one month earlier.

At the council’s July meeting, both resolutions passed by a 4-2 vote on the first reading.

Then, at the council’s August meeting, the vote was 3-2 in favor of the resolutions, which would allow beer to be sold in restaurants and would also allow beer to be sold from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Sundays.

Council members Jason Phelps and Steve Turner voted against the resolutions in July, in August and again last week.

Council members Debra Harris, Jeff Hudson and David Kempf all voted in favor of the resolutions again in August.

However, council member Tom Roberts — who also voted in favor of the resolutions in July — was hospitalized and was not able to attend the August meeting, leaving the vote at 3-2 in favor of the resolutions. According to the city charter, it requires four votes to pass a resolution, so the resolutions failed due to not receiving the required four votes.

However, all six council members were in attendance last week, and they all voted as they had in the past.

The resolutions will come back up for a second reading at the council’s Oct. 12 meeting. If they are passed on the second reading, both resolutions will go into effect.

The August council meeting was heavily-attended, with a group of area residents gathering outside of Lafayette City Hall prior to the meeting to pray and sing hymns before coming into the meeting.

There were considerably less individuals in attendance last week.

Prior to the July meeting, no vote pertaining to beer had occurred since 2019, when the city mayor was Richard Driver and the council consisted of four different members than it currently does. The only two members who remain on the council from that time are Phelps and Turner.

From August of 2018 through February of 2019, three separate proposals relating to beer were discussed and voted upon, but none passed.

In other matters, the council voted to:

  • promote Daniel Carr to gas superintendent (level 8)
  • promote Ryan Avera to water equipment operator (level 3)
  • hire Nicholas Crossfield as water service person (level 2)
  • change from the state health insurance plan to Benefits Blueprint beginning on Jan. 1
  • send the general charter to an Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) legal adviser for the updating of its general language and text
  • approve the bid of Larry Clark of Clark Construction for the building of new restrooms on the back side of Lafayette City Park
  • approve to send the annexation petition submitted by Marcus Smith for the property at 1728 Scottsville Road to the planning commission
  • approve to send the request letter to the Macon County Election Commission for the May 2022 primary election to elect three four-year council positions in the regular rotation and one two-year council position to carry out the remainder of the council seat vacated from earlier this year
  • approve Ordinance 785 on the first reading to request the Macon County Election Commission to allow for the fourth-highest number of votes to go to a vacated two-year council term on the May 2022 primary election
  • approve Ordinance 788 on the first reading to adjust the price of water taps.

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