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This float from the Lafayette Church of Christ was featured in the 2020 Christmas parade. This Saturday, the annual Christmas parade will be held for 2021 in Lafayette as well as Red Boiling Springs.

Santa Claus is coming to town.

Of course, Santa will be here on Christmas Eve, but he will also be making an appearance at Christmas parades in both Lafayette and Red Boiling Springs this Saturday.

Santa Claus will ride on the Fire Department truck in the Lafayette parade.

In Lafayette, the Christmas parade begins at 1 p.m., and will have a theme called “A Storybook Christmas.”

That theme ties in with this year’s grand marshall, Amy Parker, who is the author of Christian-themed children’s books.

“They said the theme was going to be ‘A Storybook Christmas,’ and I thought was absolutely perfect, because I’ve spent my whole life writing stories for kids, and just this year I have a Christmas storybook that just came out. So it’s just perfect,” Parker said in an interview last month with the Macon County Times.

There will be many types of floats entered in the parade, including those from large businesses, some from small businesses, as well as non-profit organizations and church floats.

The parade also includes a marching band, fire trucks, police cars that will make their way down the parade route in Lafayette.

All participants should be lined up by 11 a.m., on Saturday to allow for the judging of the floats to take place. The lineup order for the parade was to be set this week.

In Red Boiling Springs, the parade begins at 6 p.m. — presumably to allow Santa to make his way from Lafayette to Red Boiling Springs since he won’t he riding on his sleigh.

Those who wish to enter floats, cars and additional transportation in the parade and have not pre-registered, can still do so on the day of the parade. The cost to enter on the day of is $20.

For more information on the RBS parade, contact Amber Jackson at 615-561-0899 (call or text) or send an email to 37150Community

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