Steve Jones

Mayor Steve Jones

The Macon County Commission voted to proceed at looking at a designing a new administration building for county offices.

The vote, which took place at the Dec. 20 meeting, is just the first step of many in a process that must be taken in order for Macon County to construct a new county administration building and move the offices of county employees into a new facility.

“It was just the first step. We want to look at getting with an architectural engineering group and how much the plan is going to require,” Macon County Mayor Steve Jones said.

Jones indicated that the county is working with the City of Lafayette and that the county does have its eye on some property in the area of the Winding Stairs Walking Trail, but that any discussions beyond Monday night’s vote to explore the possibility of new building down the road is premature.

“We’re just looking at it right now. The first step is to look and see what type of design we would need and what type of land you would have to have to accommodate that design,” Jones said.

The county had explored in recent months the possibility of purchasing the old Rite Aid Pharmacy that is located at the corner of Highway 52 and Highway 10 in Lafayette. That building has been unoccupied for an extended period of time. However, an inquiry with the building’s owner indicated that the owners currently have no plans to sell the building. They were willing to have the city sign a 99-year lease on the property, but Jones and the county commissioners decided not to pursue that options any further at the present time, preferring to have their own property and building in the future.

The county plans to use funds from the American Rescue Plan to help pay for this project.

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