Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller

A Whitleyville man is facing numerous charges stemming from an auto accident on Dec. 29.

Jacob Miller, 34, of 2537 Wartrace Highway, Whitleyville, crashed his car in the area of Scottsville Road and Wheeley Springs. Police were dispatched to the wreck, but Miller had already fled the scene on foot and headed toward Lafayette, according to witnesses appeared to be “messed up” and went behind a house in the area. Officers knocked on the door, and a man answered the door and stated that he had heard dogs barking and a guy matching the description that went toward town.

Police continued to search the property and found Miller behind a barn, hiding under a camper. Miller had cuts on his face from hitting the windshield in the crash. Emergency workers came to the scene and transported Miller to the hospital.

The vehicle that Miller crashed was a company vehicle, but when the owners were contacted, they informed police that the vehicle was stolen. Witnesses in the area stated that Miller was driving all over road and passing cars and crossing the yellow line before it crashed at a high rate of speed.

Miller had a bottle of vodka in the vehicle and also had a revoked license and warrants from Iowa, though that state did not wish to have him extradited.

Miller was checked out at Macon General Hospital and then taken to the Macon County Jail. He faces charges of theft of property, evading arrest, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, resisting arrest, violation of open container, failure to exercise due care, failure to report and accident in a timely manner DUI (1st offense) and violation of seatbelt law.

Altogether, Miller’s bond was set at $12,000. He is scheduled to appear in Macon County General Sessions Court on Jan. 12 to face the charges.

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