A Lafayette man was arrested after a domestic incident resulted in damages to a house and vehicles.

Bradley D. Guffey, 25, faces a series of charges following the incident, which occurred last Thursday.

According to the arrest report, Guffey arrived at a house owned by his mother and attempted to force his way into the home, kicking and punching the door to a point to where she thought the door was going to break.

Guffey’s mother locked herself and and two children in the back bedroom for fear that Guffey was going to be able to gain entrance.

Guffey wasn’t able to get inside, but he then picked up a garden tool and began to knock the windows out of her 2010 Dodge truck and kicked dents in the door, fender and bedside. He then took a pickaxe and placed holes in the hood and broke the headlights out of the truck.

He also allegedly kicked dents in a 1997 Nissan car that was in the driveway.

The report states that when Macon County Sheriff’s Department deputy Aaron Shipley arrived on the scene, Guffey was standing on the side of the residence, near the vehicles, and had blood coming from his hands where he had been punching the vehicles. Shipley advised him to turn around and place his hands behind his back, but Guffey began to fight Shipley and other deputies.

The officers took Guffey to the ground, placed his hands behind his back and placed handcuffs on him.

The report states that Guffey did smell of a loud odor of alcohol.

Shipley cleaned the wound on Guffey’s hand with alcohol and placed gauze over the wound.

Guffey was charged with aggravated assault, vandalism, burglary, public intoxication and resisting arrest

No bond was set for Guffey, and his court date is slated for Sept. 8.

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