Dayle Gann

Dayle Gann

The Macon County Commission elected one full-time judicial commissioner and one part-time judicial commissioner at its Dec. 20 meeting.

The governing body voted Dayle Gann as a full-time judicial commissioner for Macon County for a four-year term. Gann’s responsibilities will include coordinating and overseeing the judicial commissioners’ positions.

The county commission also voted in William Wallace as a part-time judicial commissioner.

Gann, who has an associates degree in paralegal studies, has expertise in the study of criminal law and in legal writing and research.

Gann has legal and law enforcement connections and experience. She has worked in Circuit Court Clerk Rick Gann’s office since July 2018 and is married to Macon County Sheriff’s deputy Logan Gann.

She and Teresa Thomas have been handling the judicial commissioner responsibilities both in part-time since mid-October when long-time judicial commissioners Danny and Cathy Gross announced their retirements.

“When the old commissioners, Danny and Cathy, retired, Teresa and I had been doing this part-time, and the county commission hired me full-time at their Dec. 20 meeting,” Gann said. “There is a lot of responsibility. I actually issue the warrants. I have to be knowledgable on probable cause whenever the officers being in a defendant, because we grant bails and release on bond conditions. So we have to keep up with that paperwork.”

Wallace comes to his role with loads of experience as well. He was a homicide detective in California before relocating to Macon County a few years ago.

“He has an excellent law enforcement background,” Gann said of Wallace. “He is very knowledgeable and will be a big asset.”

According to Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.§ 40-1-111), “A judicial commissioner appointed by the county legislative body is considered a county officer and serves a fixed term set by the county legislative body, but the term may not be longer than four years. Judicial commissioners are compensated from the county’s general fund in an amount determined by the legislative body.”

Judicial commissioners’ responsibilities, per the TCA, include: Issuing arrests warrants and search warrants upon finding probable cause; issuing mittimus following compliance with lawful procedures; appointing attorneys for defendants who are indigent; setting and approving bonds and the release on recognizance of defendants and issuing injunctions and other appropriate orders in alleged cases involving domestic assault.

The TCA goes on to say that “No search warrant, arrest warrant or mittimus may be issued by an official whose compensation is contingent in any manner upon the issuance or nonissuance of such warrants or mittimus.”

In addition, all fees that are collected by judicial commissioners must go into the respective county’s general fund.

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