The Macon County Commission named Dale Hix to serve on the Macon County School Board at its meeting that was held on April 19.

“I’m for the kids, the schools and Macon County,” Hix said. “I want to help out all of them.”

Hix resides in the area of Macon County that includes districts 9 and 10.

Bryan Nichols ran unopposed in last August’s election, earning him a second four-year term.

However, Nichols recently moved out of that zone and therefore can no longer represent those districts, forcing him to resign.

Four individuals were nominated to fill the seat, including Kyle Garmon, James Harrison and Amy Phelps.

Of the 17 county commissioners in attendance last week, 14 voted for Hix, with the other three voting for Harrison.

Hix will serve the remaining three-plus years of Nichols’ term. Hix, Tim Case (representing district 7 and 8) and Lionel Borders (district 5 and 6) will be up for reelection in 2024.

The other two school-board seats — occupied by Jed Goad (district 1 and 2) and Wayne Marsh (district 3 and 4) — will be up for reelection in 2022.

Hix — who is a home builder with six children (four of which are currently in the school system) — is hoping that he can assist with upcoming building projects, such as the proposed elementary school for Lafayette.

“I went through the school system here,” the 50-year-old Hix said. “They’re going to be doing some construction projects. They have some good people on the school board, but none have any experience in construction. I felt like I had some specific knowledge of what’s going to be going on and could talk to the architects and contractors.

“I think I can offer some things to the board they don’t have right now. There’s a good bunch of people on the board. They are just in different fields (of employment).”

The commission also unanimously voted to allow Macon County Schools to enter into an option to purchase agreement on 101.84-acre tract of the Manion property for the new elementary school.

The Macon County School Board voted in favor of entering into the agreement at its last meeting.

The total price the board approved was $2,444,160 at $24,000 per acre.

Macon County Director of Schools Tony Boles previously detailed that, as of January, $2,286,116.89 had been collected in sales tax to go toward the new school.

Boles said that one can only pay for the amount of land that it would take for the footprint of the school and for the land that would be used for construction, pulling fill dirt from. Architects estimate that to be approximately 77 acres.

The 77 acres would include the area that would be needed for the school building, a school access road, parking, busing access, student pick-up and dropoff, and a playground area. It will also include an area for the placing of fill dirt.

The cost of the 77 acres is $1,848,000, which will come from sales-tax money.

The remaining 24.84 acres of the tract will also be purchased at $24,000 an acre, for a total of $596,160. That will be paid from the Macon County Board of Education’s fund-balance account.

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